Friday, 4 May 2012

Today sees the launch of our new business venture, AloePlanet, we have signed up to work with FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS. after seeing a promotional video online from the global company with its headquarters in America, we decided to find out more about the opportunity and thats when we realised that the FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS opportunity was not like anything else as we spoke to a real person! After speaking to Humphrey Gervais who will become our mentor, we went to a business presentation near Truro to find out another bit more - the stages of finding out information are slow and steady but we found this is the best way as nothing is rushed or missed out. 

At the presentation we met people who had just started, people who were taking it slow and people who were flying and had quit professional jobs to work less hours for better money!

The appealling part for us was the freedom of the business and the very simple and very repeatable plan of action that FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS offer, training days are available wherever you are in over 150 countries so support was not an issue and Humphrey is always on the end of the phone or email.

We have decided that we want to start our own team and earn commission on the teams sales as well as our own which is two of the options available.

We have now fully signed up and registered with her majesty and are itching to get cracking, the web domain has been bought and a temporary website is online. The next step is to meet Humphrey next Wednesday afternoon (who is coming from london to meet us!) and put a marketing plan into action.

This business start is quite an exciting venture for both of us and although I have been self employed in the past - this looks a little different to what im used to - but in a good way


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